Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to renew PS Bank Prepaid Mastercard

It has been 3 years since I availed of PS Bank Prepaid Mastercard for my housing loan application on this bank. Actually, it was expired December of last year but had it renewed this week only upon confirmation of the availability of the card and the pin mailer.

At least two valid ID’s
Expired card

How to renew:
1. Go to any PS Bank branch near you. Proceed to new accounts area and tell them that you are renewing your prepaid mastercard.

2. Fill up bank forms like signature card and customer information sheet. If the branch you are renewing is not your branch of account (BOA), they have to confirm your signature from BOA before releasing the card.

3. Once signature is confirmed, they will release it together with the pin mailer. You need to change the pin immediately.

4. Wait within an hour before you can check your account connected to your new prepaid mastercard number.

The new design of PS Bank Prepaid Mastercard with EMV Chip

This card has new sleek design with EMV chip, which you can transact contactless. I will be using this card for my business as well as online shopping on Aliexpress.

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