Friday, April 24, 2015

My Frustrations Over Xend and LBC Services

I have to vent this out or else I might explode, harhar. Joking aside, yes, I've come to  the point of being irritated and disappointed to the services of Xend and LBC. Why? Here's the story...

We have a customer from Hagonoy, Bulacan. He opted to ship the item to their home address. We normally let them know that lead time for province is maximum of 3 working days. In the event that they don't get the item on the 3rd day, they will tell us so we could follow up with the courier.

On April 17, the item was shipped. Come April 20, customer was asking for the status and I said it was en route as checked on Xend tracking. On that afternoon, the customer informed me that the item was not delivered. I checked and found out that LBC put a CONSIGNEE UNKNOWN update on the tracking. My question lingering on my mind at that time was why LBC did not in any case tried calling/messaging the consignee or my number when they were around the area and could not locate the person!? I could have helped them anyway.

After I saw this update, I immediately informed my customer. He requested to just pick up the item to LBC Hagonoy. Through Xend Twitter page, I made the request. I even called LBC for the possibility of turning over the item to their Hagonoy branch, however, they informed me that Xend must coordinate my request to them. Xend's landline was busy every now and then so I have no choice but to communicate through their Twitter page.

From April 21, I monitored the updates and found out in the end that my request was futile. The item was bound to return in Manila. All my efforts and time were wasted. Imagine how frustrated I was when I learned about that. The worse of all, just yesterday, April 23, they emailed me informing that the item can be returned to me or re-shipped with incurring shipping fee. How is that naman? I replied to them asking to reship the item without additional charges because it was not our fault, anyway. I even included a screenshot of my conversation on Twitter as an evidence. 

We lost one client because of their inefficiency. My customer wanted a refund because of that. We will incur another loss for the remittance charges if they will not approve my request. This is all because of the inefficiency of Xend and LBC to coordinate with each other.

What's more? Well, I just made 3 consecutive bookings of pick up for another customer. Never mind the first booking because it was booked around 1:30PM, which is close to cutoff time of 2PM. The following day, I got a text message from Xend apologizing for not picking up the item and inquiring as to whether I will proceed with the booking ( before I even received the text, I had it booked). I replied to the text for confirmation that I am pushing for the pickup.  No rider arrived. Despite everything, I tried another pickup booking. This time, I sent a tweet to their page informing them that their rider did not arrive yesterday. They reassured me that the rider will arrive and pick the item.  I waited for the rider up to 5:30PM, but he did not arrived. The next day, I tweeted their page advising them of their failed pickups. Around 20 minutes after my tweet, somebody from Xend called me and explained their side. She said that the rider arrived around 6PM but I was no longer in the office. I answered back that the rider should have informed me that he will be late, so that I could have coordinated it with our guard. 

I do not know what is happening to their company. We have made at least 10 transactions with them including this, but so far, this is the worst. I am weighing in between if we will still accommodate their service or not. Part of me is saying yes because they have been a good courier to us before. No one is perfect., everyone has its shortcomings. Another part of me is saying to look for an alternative courier. There's a lot out there. I just need to give them a chance. 

How about you, any worse experiences with couriers? Kindly share your stories by commenting on this post.

After I wrote the draft of this post, I received their reply. To my surprise, they granted my request to redeliver the item to LBC Hagonoy without additional charges. 

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