Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Fun Facts about our dogs

March 01 is the day when Patty gave birth to super cute 9 puppies. With that number, I wonder how they fit inside her womb. I used to joke my husband that she looked like a seal, having a small head with a bloated belly. We also like to guess about the number of her babies, mine was 4 while his was 5. As you know, we are both wrong.

Our First

While writing down this blog, I could not resist listing down  a lot of "firsts" about our pet dogs and this birthing. It is like giving you some fun facts about them.

1. After I got married, we have our first boxer dog named Brusco. He eventually die after 2 months.
2. All our male dogs die even before reaching adulthood. We just don't know why.
3. Patty is our first female dog. She reached adulthood and parenthood recently. Hooray!
4. I found out that dog pregnancy lasts approximately 63 days. If my calculation is right based on the date we know Patty's first contact, that's her 63rd day.
5. We have witness our first live dog birthing on her fifth pup. When the puppy was already out, its amniotic sac was intact. Patty has to eat it to break off the sac. Is it a mother's instinct?
6. Our other dog's name is Booger (from burger), a partner for patty. Now, we we're thinking about the name of Patty's pups. Our lists include Mayo, Ketchup, Ham and Sausage.

I am eager to see when those cutie little puppies open they eyes. Experts say that once open, their about to start learning new skills, and adapt more to their environment.  We'll update you more in the coming days.

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