Saturday, January 10, 2015

In the look for a courier service

Our online business, Memento Lane Store, which supplies hotel toiletries nationwide has a  demand for a low rate courier service. Mind you, the items are bulky and heavy. There was even a time that my partner and I both lifted a small box weighing almost 7 kg. Anyway, because most of our clients are in the province, shipping is the best option for them. 

Before we decided to have a shipping transaction, I made some searches of  all possible courier companies with the lowest charge for 3 kgs items. I ended up with the list below. I did not include those with rate calculator like LBC, 2GO and more. Take also a note with those couriers like SMF, Erim having lower provincial charges for Rizal or Laguna Area.


Aside from the rate, there are many things we have to consider before shipping an item. I have to check if items fit the pouch size, weight per pack and if the addressee is a serviceable area. We also have to choose a light and sturdy boxes for bulk orders. Here comes the importance of checking their own packaging charges.

From the list, we engaged the services of Xend, Fastrack, and Metrowide. So far, we have not encountered any delivery and pick up delays  from them. However, they should improve on the real time status of the items. Most of them would take more hours to update their site.

I want to hear your feedback on your experiences with these courier companies. You can also recommend other not listed here.

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