Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy Health Emergency Card

Last month, our bank, PNB, introduced to us their two insurance products. One is ATMSafe, which covers lost money withdrawn from any ATM due to theft, and Healthy Ka Pinoy card, which is an emergency health card. Both products can only be availed by PNB clients or depositors.

On the two products, I was more interested with the health emergency card. Both of my parents are no longer working and suffering from old age illnesses like diabetes and high blood. This card is one way of preparing them for any hospital emergency situation, where PhilHealth cannot provide. It is also a good thing that most of the private hospitals in our province are accredited by them. It means less hassle on our part.

What are the benefits of Healthy Ka Pinoy Card? 
(Excerpt from PNB website)

Healthy Ka Pinoy (HKP) Health Emergency Card is an affordable insurance product which provides: Php 20,000 Emergency Hospital Care for Accident and Sickness; and Php 100,000 Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Disability benefits and Php 20,000 Accidental Burial Benefit.

Product Features:

  • Annual premium of Php 750 (option 1) covers client for a total of Php 140,000 per year with 2 Emergency Medical expense availments per year worth Php 20,000 max.
  • Annual premium of Php 1,250 (option 2) covers client for a total of Php 280,000 per year with 4 Emergency Medical expense availments per year worth Php 40.000 max.

Annual Premium Cost 750                 1,250
Emergency Medical Expense 20,000 40,000
Accidental Burial Benefit 20,000 40,000
Accidental Death and Disability 100,000 200,000
TOTAL Benefit 140,000 280,000

BONUS FEATURE: If no claim was made for the period of 1 year, members get a 20% credit back of the premium cost to their PNB savings account

How to enroll:
  • Client / depositor simply goes to any PNB branch and fills up the Application Form, and ADA Form (if preferred) from the New Accounts counter, and pays the cost of premium through the Bills payment Facility at the Teller counter. In our case, we filled up the form and submitted to our HR. They are the one who forwarded it to the bank.
  • Upon payment, the depositor will receive his/her Healthy Ka Pinoy Emergency Card from New Accounts, and the coverage starts immediately.
  • The Hospital Network Access for Emergency Care will be available next day starting at 12:00 noon, meanwhile any emergency that may arise by then, can be covered through reimbursement arrangement.
emergency hospital

I have their card now, which will be my gift to both of them this Christmas. I wish them good health and no way of using the card. It will be nice if they also have a health card for their checkups, but with their age, this is no longer possible.

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