Saturday, October 18, 2014

I am into plant swapping

Last month, hubby and I was busy tending our small lawn garden. We even made  a simple DIY vertical container garden that anyone can do just in case you have a little space in your place. During this time, I have wandered and joined various Facebook groups that is on gardening, farming or planting. From each post, I learned something new like plant identification, plant diseases and suggestions on how to eliminate them organically.

Out of curiosity, I posted a message on one of these groups an idea of a chance to swap plants and also meet member personally. One of the members, Ms. Gina, replied and suggested swapping of seeds instead of plants because it is manageable to ship the seeds then. She has a point there. Because I have no seeds on hand, I could not take this chance for a swapping. Apparently, she volunteered to give me seeds as a startup. Inspired by her generosity, I made another reply  that they can send me a message if they like to have some seedlings of rambutan, suha, oregano and dill.

Just this Tuesday, I received from Ms. Gina seeds of mustard, pechay, basil (genovese), upland kangkong and bell pepper. I also shared them to my office mate who is into planting. The next morning, hubby planted them and made a small plant box for our vegetables. I could not wait to see those little sprouts coming out of its shell.

I am also in a talk with another member who wants to swap seedlings instead of seeds. We are going to meet next week. I am so excited with this idea. Wish this swapping generates more interest on every member and probably become a regular activity within the group.

Have you made friends or network with a Facebook group? How is it?

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