Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Easy-Peasy DIY Farm Style Fence

Sometimes, unplanned things do happen and those planned don't go as what we  anticipate that it will be. Much as what happened last Sunday, I was scheduled to go to BDJ Social Camp but cancelled it because I realized my money is not enough for my fare. Yeah, if it weren't for the peddler guy whom we have to pay, I would not found out that I only have P50 on my pocket. 

We have no other plan that day other than washing our clothes, but hubby had a big excuse "Sunday is his day-off." He told me that he will wash them the next day. Again, we have nothing to do other than get some sleep just like what the weather suggests. A rainy morning with a mild breeze. 
And you know what happened? While having our breakfast outside (as we always do every Sunday or holiday), we decided to build a temporary fence a la ranch style. What prompt us to do this is the robbing incidents happened recently. One morning, both of our roosters vanish and nowhere to be found. 

How we build it?

Hubby gathered some used yet good coco lumber and c-purlins from a recent construction of our neighbor's home. It's good that its raining because we easily dug the soil and put the coco lumber as post. As we were finalizing the location of the entryway, our neighbor suggested that we don't align the main door to the gate because its a bad feng shui. We decided to put the gate on the other end. The c-purlins were set as the barriers. Hubby then painted it white the next day.  That's it. We have now a farm style entryway. 
gates for fence
The finish farm fence style we have done before it is painted white
It's a rewarding experience to me and hubby. We are not only able to save money by repurposing various materials but as well as  working hand-in-hand in decorating our house. How about you? What activities do you and your partner are working together?
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