Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Deactivate PhilHealth and Enjoy its Benefits

If you are in a situation where your partner (husband/wife) becomes unemployed, they can still be a member of PhilHealth (provided you are an active member and they are qualified dependent) without paying contribution. All they need to do is to deactivate their PhilHealth number and enlist them as your dependent. Here's how to deactivate their Philhealth Number:

1. Your partner,husband/wife, must write a letter of deactivation. You may also fill-up a deactivation form that can be obtained from any PhilHealth branches.

A sample letter of deactivation:

PhilHealth Insurance Corp.
Branch Address

I, your name, with PhilHealth number, __________, would like to request your good office to please deactivate my membership due to the following reason: ___________.

Thank you.


Your name and signature

2.  You, the active member, must fill up a PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF).
3. Submit PMRF, letter of deactivation, 2 valid IDs, and a copy of your marriage contract to your PhilHealth Branch where you remit your contribution. If you are employed, you can submit them to your HR personnel handling it.
4. Once submitted, please wait for the release of your Member Data Record (MDR).

Your partner, who deactivates their PhilHealth number can now enjoy the benefits without extra cost. Just make sure that you have the MDR with your partner as a qualified dependent. 

I hope that with this post,  I have given you information valuable to your needs. I still suggest that you contact PhilHealth call center no. +632-441-7442 if you need further assistance.

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