Monday, August 11, 2014

August Blog Challenge, a call for community service

Hi everyone!

The month of August has just started and this meant a new blog challenge to post. I have been thinking of doing a community sevice through blogging, although my first choice is volunteer works. I've actually applied as a volunteer from various foundations, but I find my work schedule conflicts with their activities. With this reason, I'd like to do it online via blogging.

The Challenge
I will be posting and sharing any activities, press releases, information of non-government organization (NGO) or foundation that has the aim of helping our community. A minimum of seven post is required. For the missed post, again, I will be doing a giveaway. 

Let's make a difference by joining me for this month challenge by submitting events that could spread simple acts of kindness. Please fill up this form, and wait for a day or two to post.

Before I end this post, I am inviting everyone to join my Giving Back Mini Giveaway. Five (5) lucky winners will get Human Heart Nature product set. Also, please watch out for another giveaway for my missed post last July Blog Challenge. 

See yah!

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