Monday, June 30, 2014

Wrapping up my blog challenge

Excuse my sickness for not doing completing my challenge. I had a terrible colds that turned to cough and fever. I searched for a lagundi capsule and found out it has a mucolytic property. I bought a week supply of TGP Nocof lagundi and their Lemon Cee vitamin C. Today, I am feeling better. 

Because my challenge is not yet completed, I thought I need to finish them with this post. After this, I will think of the products to give away for my incoming contests ( you know, as punishment for the missed posts).


While visiting Homeplus, I took a picture of this center table in black-and-white contrast. It's actually a cool accent for an interior design with minimalist theme. What do you think?

table top


I wanted to post a picture of my officemates who have been with the company for more than 10 years but then, I would breach their privacy. (Actually, I am more concern that you'll guess their age, Lol). Instead  I opted to post a dried plant for this category.

seedling tray

Neon Colors

I had in mind doing a light graffiti photography. When I searched how it is done, my phone is not capable of doing it. I decided to just capture this Exit sign from the office. Hehehe. 
led signage


Greasy as it may seem but this pizza from Yellow Cab is filled with lots of vegetables. And I loved it.

yellow cab


We were greeted in the morning with a beautiful clear sky. This photo was taken during our jogging activity inside the subdivision. Seeing something like this will definitely make your day.


Up next, a new set of blog challenges this second week of July plus the coming contests. 

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