Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hobby: 14-day photo challenge

Let's welcome our two cute puppies, Fatty and Chow-Chow as well as their hilarious brother, Proppy. These 3 are our companions, pets and stress reliever in the house. Our day will not be filled without any cuddle fight from them. Our night will not be called a night without their messy moan begging to open our door so they can sneek outside.



With them, I rekindled my love for biking. This is one of the activities we love the most. I bike, they chase to their heart's desire. Alas, little did they not know, it is my way of getting them into exercise ( okay, I am included). They love eating and getting bigger. A hobby they got from their owner, and that's me. 

mountain bike

I wish to level up this hobby. Like getting into the road together with the people with the same passion as I am. For the meantime, I will be contented roaming around the subdivision, breathing fresh air and momentarily enjoying scenery.

What's your hobby? Please do share with me by commenting below.

Next attraction>>> Shadow.

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