Thursday, June 19, 2014

Art: 14-day Photo Challenge

Last December, my boss got beautiful greeting cards made by mouth and  foot painting artists. Since she gave it away to us, I got an idea of making it as accents to our wall. I am currently looking for a frame to match the four of them.

mouth and foot painting artist
"Tulips" painted with the  mouth  by I. McGenn

painting artists
"Planting Season" painted with mouth and foot by liao Jui-Chin

By the way, the Association of  Mouth and  Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) Philippines offers the following:

1.] Original Artwork 
2.] Wall/Desk Calendar
3.] Birthday Book
4.] Children's Books
5.] Greeting Cards for all occassions

If you are also interested to order from them, you may contact:
AMFPA Philippines 
Tel. Nos. (632)448-6237; 716-4719 
Fax Nos. (632)931-6994; 413-3071 

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