Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review: New Englon Retro Embossed Women Handbag One-shoulder Bag Light Blue

The day I received this cute New Englon Retro Embossed Women Handbag from Tmart and saw it by my officemates, they too want it. I am just glad I did not take a second thought when I chose it over a weighing scale for my business.  Because it is my first time to review a bag, I would like to emphasize my criteria on bags if it will pass my judgment.
sling shoulder bag
New Englon Embossed Handbag

The first one is its functionality. I love bags in small size but can accommodate a lot of stuff. Aside from this, I look for pockets to organize my things. This has 1 pocket each inside and outside. It has no compartment, which means a bigger storage capacity to put my belongings.

tmart bag

Design took the second place. It is made of man-made leather with embosseddesign.  It is so simple that you can use it on-the-go in different style as a shoulder bag, sling bag and handbag. It is not that too flashy for a thief to grab, hahaha.

Durability can only be tested once you use a bag unless you made a previous purchase of the brand. A got a lot of stuff especially when I am on a site inspection - planner, camera, cellphone, or wallet. It can hold all of the weight without breaking the strap. But it also has its flaw. Some of its stitches got busted after several uses. Other than this, all is okay.

Okay, here's my verdict - With my good experience on this bag, I would like to purchase items in Tmart. Afterall, the delivery is free.

How about you, have you tried checking their products? Let me know your experience by commenting in this post.

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