Friday, May 23, 2014

Leveling up coconut products by Coco Natura

I was curious with coco sugar when a former colleague introduced it to me. He is currently working in the company which produces the brand Coco Natura. Their products consist of sugar and jam made from one of the most common fruit in the country, coconut.

Jerome gave me a bottle of jam while I bought a box of coco sugar in SM to try. He suggested we spread the jam in pandesal, and that’s what we did.  In the market, most of the coco jams are slightly viscous, but this one is different. The jam has a thick texture and sweetness tolerable to my taste buds. A thick consistency is actually good since you can control the amount you want to spread in the bread. You know the only downside is the bottle lasted for 3 days, as in! I was too generous to share it with my officemates. Lol

coco jam philippine made

My generosity does not stop there… I also gave away some coco sugar sachets that they can add to their coffee, milk or tea. To try it myself, I added it to my Milo. Surprisingly, the granules look like a shredded coconut that has been toasted brown. It was not as sweet as brown sugar. It may be the reason it is recommended for diabetics like my parents. 

natural sweetener

Jerome told me that the sugar is unrefined. It does not go through tedious process so the nutrients can be preserved. Their coco jam is made with pure coco milk and sugar, that's why it has a thick consistency.

fruit spread

Oh well, if you are interested to try these products, they are available in leading supermarkets nationwide. Otherwise, contact Los Ricos Corp at 470-8098.

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