Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: Kojie san Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++

I am not into sunblock, but since I got free sachets of Kojie San Sunblock from the recent 7-Eleven fun run, I did not hesitate to use them. Each sachet has 3 grams content, and its scent and texture is similar to other brands in the market. When I checked its price in the store, it ranges from 200 to 300 pesos.

When it comes to sunblock, my personal preference is something that is matte. I do not need any product that adds oiliness to my oily and dry skin. hahaha! Before, I used a gel sunblock on my face and it has a cooling and matte effect. I stopped using it when the price went pretty high.

I already used all the sachets and I must say that this is worth a try. Kojie san sunblock is a bit oily but lighter in my face. The oiliness can be removed by putting a powder after it. Also, this one  does not give me an "instant white" look.  Mostly, the heavier or sticky sunblock is the one used as a foundation base for the makeup and gives you a whiter skin. 

sunblock spf 50
Kojie san sunblock
There's also quite an imperfection with it such as no moisturizing effect. I just felt rather disappointed on this because it features at the back of the label that Shea butter is one of the ingredients.  As we all know, shea is a good humectant and at the same time emollient. It just did not work out the way shea should be.

sunblock before and after
before and after application of the sunblock
If you ask me if it provides sun protection, I do not know. Most of the time, I am engrossed in front of the computer. Even so, I think that sunblock is a must especially in a tropical country like us. If I am going to another fun run, I will buy one. My overall experience with it is good.

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