Friday, March 7, 2014

All About Baking Store Visit

baking store supplier
The front store of All About Baking

A day before Valentine's Day, Emy and I went to baking store known as All About Baking near QC Rotonda (now you know this is a late post already). We were not familiar with it until I saw a similar sign with Chocolate Lovers, the castle - style store. 

baking decor
Colorful candy sprinkles as added decor to any sweet goodies

dry baking ingredients
Dry baking ingredients

gingerbread shape
Cute cookie cutter and molds

We went inside and found out that they have a wide selection of baking tools, ingredients such as chocolate, flour, and packaging. The place is a bit small. .Even so, I was ecstatic with the products they have.  

musical birthday sparkling
Musical fountain
Emy went on buying choco balls, while I took pictures of their products. I learned they have various colored chocolate like yellow and red. We then headed up to check various chocolate  molds and packaging.

choco balls
cookies, ice gem, marshmallow
They sell marshmallow, ice gems, and chips, usually per kilo or in their big packaging.

Baking utensils such as spatula, strainer
After a couple more minutes, we bid goodbye to the place, and I am sure, we will go back to it again.

Here's their contact information:

All About Baking Store
#2 Kitanlad cor. Quezon Ave.
Tel No. 741-7487, 731-2404

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