Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7-Eleven Run1000 Experience

It is time to make no more excuses! This year, I aim to be active in sports, and it starts in joining the 7-11 fun run. We've almost could not make it to the registration until they extended it last January 07. Thank goodness! The following days, I made it a point to run even for a short distance just to prepare my body for a long run. But last week, I had no chance because I was tired after our moving-in.
7-11 race kit run 1000
7-11 Race Kit
singlet 7-11 timing chip
On the day of fun run, January 19, we've made it to the site close to an hour before our run begun. Near the entrance gate were the baggage counters, urinals and booths.We decided to walk around the area and check each booth. Some product samples were given away like Fern-C tablets,  Kojie San sunblock, Bambini Cologne, Kotex Pantiliner, and even Trust condom. We also had a chance to taste ready to eat snacks and drinks like Pocari Sweat, Enervon, Red Bull Energy Drink and San Marino tuna. Geez! I have limited pictures because we put our phone on our baggages. Next time, we will just put our baggage, minutes before our running time.
7-11 booth
Pepsi Booth where drinks were given away
During assembly, the host reminded us to go to the starting point, where we were  taught of the warm up exercises, and other reminders. I found out that fast runners may go in the first lane. For us, we chose to be around the middle of the crowd.
We started running around 7AM and finished 30 minutes after. I did not thought I could run (and walk) at 3K, but when you're in the crowd, you would not noticed about it. After thar, we head over at the distribution of medal and finisher's shirt. We made another round on each booth to check some sponsored products and we were not disappointed. Lol
my so-called experimented blog
Me after the run
So happy that we joined this contest, at least  we tried something new in the first month of the year. I hope to run again in the coming fun run events targeting a 5K to be more intenseful... It is not too late to be healthy and buff again, lol. 
fun run loot bag
Drinks, product samples, finisher's shirt and medal, wooh!

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