Thursday, November 28, 2013

When the blogger meets the writer

Finally, a dream come true!

When she announced through her Facebook account the launching of her new book at UP-Center for Women Studies (UP-CWS), I did not make a second thought. I said I will go there, have the book autograph and take a picture with her. I also ask Emy to accompany me, after all, I do not exactly know how to go there.
lualhati bautista in sisterhood book memoir
At UP-CWS for the launching of In Sisterhood
That's actually what happened last Tuesday when I saw face-to-face my favorite author, Ms. Lualhati Bautista. I remembered when I asked her in Friendster ( I think way back 2009 or 2010) if she can add me as a friend, then I gave her my email address. She wrote back and said something like this " Sino ba itong bata na ire, akala ko FB na ang sikat ngayon, pero pwede mo pa rin ako i-add sa Friendster." And so I did. When I had my account in FB, I added her immediately. In that way, I will be updated with what she's doing.

lualhati bautista picture, photo
The blogger and the writer
I started to know Ms. Lualhati when I watched Bata, Bata, Pa'no ka ginawa. This struck my curiosity to read the book and compare that with the movie. From there, I began collecting her books. The only book I did not read so far is Desaparecidos, not to mention my newly acquired In Sisterhood.
When we set foot at UP-CWS, the first thing I did was to look for her. I saw a familiar face sitting and puffing with a friend.  Finally, I could meet her even for just a couple of minutes. It took a lot of courage to ask her to sign my book and a picture because I was still in the cloud nine that time. I forgot to thank her for this opportunity. 

autograph, signature, lualhati bautista, in sisterhood
Personal autograph of Lualhati Bautista
It was already 6:30pm, and the launching was about to close, Emy and I decided to sneek peak at the Oblation. We went there, having our normal chit- chatting and picture taking.  I just hope I could visit UP in the daytime.

Emy and I during our trip at the UP Oblation

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