Thursday, November 7, 2013

Space-saving convertible items

Are you fond of convertible ideas?  Since we started living in a small house just this June, I had been looking for some furniture that can maximize the space we have in our new house

el pueblo del rio house
Our new house in Sta. Maria, Bulacan
I am not only talking of furniture here but any items that are useful and at the same time saves space. One example is a convertible bag, which my company decided to give away this coming December. It is a sling bag that can turn to a sleek traveling bag.

traveling bag, sling bag
traveling bag
I am about to give one as a gift for my sister who celebrated her birthday last month. Unfortunately, I was informed yesterday that they will no longer cater personal requests. So as not to disappoint my little sis, I decided to check  on the web for a similar bag. I found a convertible bag collection at Zalora. Maybe, I should ask my sister if she likes the  design, so I can order one. Although, this will no longer a surprise for her at least she decides for the style, which she can partner with her outfit or perhaps put it as an extra bag to her luggage. It definitely a cool convertible idea, right?
I also remember when our company gave as a pillow that can be converted to a small blanket. It's handy! We brought it during our one-night stay at the cemetery last year.
throw pillow, convertible pillow, blanket
pillow that converts to blanket
Have you used any convertible items recently? What can you say about it? Do share it in the comment box.

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