Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flashback: 3rd Quarter of 2013

Hello everyone! I was caught up with many activities in the office that I have no time updating my blog. Sorry guys! Anyway, just to give you some updates how this 3rd quarter of 2013 turned out for me, check it out below.
July -  I could say that it was the month when our financial burden started to ease up. Hubby got his new job from one of the largest warehousing companies in the Philippines.  
On my part, I started felt crafting, which  needs some  improvement, specially on stitching.  I was thinking of opening an online souvenir store. Unfortunately, it did not push through yet. I have small space in the house that limits me in organizing my stuff.
I also had an opportunity to host two sponsored giveaways on my blog ( a first for me).  Thanks to Trusted Health Products and Escape Monthly. I hope there's a next time.
August -  Probably one of the  memorable months with the company I am working. They gave us token of appreciation for our work. I was not expecting it, so when my boss spilled the bean, I was speechless. Thank you sirs and madams!
It was also in this month that hubby and I was adjusting to our new setup. He worked 12 hours and shifting. The night shift  was hard for both of us. We do not see each other that much. When I get home, he is no longer there. 
September- A mix of bad and good luck for the hubby's birthday month. Unluckily, on the Eve of his birthday, he was robbed on the way to our house. Although he lost all his money, we were thankful that he was not hurt.
It was in this month that I got an opportunity to review a cosmetic product from Trusted Health Products and an email from a TV program for an (phone) interview ( unfortunately, when I replied, I got no response from them).
To wrap it up, our 3rd quarter has its ups and down. But most importantly, we learned from from these experiences. 

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