Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to check SSS contributions

I have been reading some inquiries on how they can check their contributions, status of their loan or the remaining balance of their current SSS loan.  To answer these questions, I am enlisting various ways to help you with your inquiry to SSS. 

1. If you are employed, the most convenient way is to ask your HR Department for a copy of your contributions or the status of your SSS loan.

2. If you have the new SSS ID and near to any SSS branch with information kiosk, swipe your ID to view your records.
3. Another way is to register as a member in SSS website to be able to access your records. Make sure to prepare both your SSS number and employer.
4. You can also send an inquiry through their e-mail at
5. Lastly, if you have other inquiries or clarification, talk with their customer service at their hotline at 917-7777 or 920-6446.

For more information on SSS, take a look at their website.

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