Saturday, September 14, 2013

Green Cross Family Protect Insect Repellent Lotion: a review

Since it is a rainy season, we expect higher rates of dengue cases in our country. In our place, I don’t know if there’s a victim already, but if I based it on the mosquito bites I received every day & night, the possibility is high.
My first solution to this irritating insect bite is putting mosquito repellent coils all over our place, but this is not effective when put outdoor.  This is the reason why we bought a Green Cross insect repellent lotion. One thing that made me choose it over a popular brand is the mild scent that does not give me a headache. I bought it for P49 with free alcohol.

green cross insect repellent lotion mosquito
The lotion is a bit oily and slightly viscous. It has an easy-to-squeeze bottle with complete label that includes directions and features.
My husband and I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I could say that it was really effective.  Once I applied it on the skin, I could no longer feel any mosquito attack. A morning application sometimes last until the afternoon, except when I had washed my skin. One disadvantage though was it does not have a moisturizing effect. I feel my skin a little dry, so do not substitute it to your moisturizing lotion.

Overall, I will recommend this product as an alternative to mosquito coils and as a protection for mosquito attack outdoor. Before using it, check if it is compatible with your skin.

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