Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garden Haven

If you happen to pass by Tabang Exit, you will be greeted by the long parade of garden along this road.  It’s no surprise why the town is named as “The Garden Haven of Bulacan”. Most of the people here made gardens or landscaping their livelihood. 
Gardeners offer varieties of ornamental, flowering plants and even fruit-bearing trees. They also offer landscaping services, gardening tools, assorted stones, pebbles, pots, and ornaments. If you are planning to put your own garden, renovating your patio, or simply start a hobby of planting,  this place is right for you. 
Some plants they offer: green dust, purple crumble
Plant prices depend upon its size. Some may actually priced P100 for 3 seedlings, or P50/plant. Expect imported seedlings and topiary a bit pricey. 

Ferns, horsetail, araucaria and many more
To promote their plants and garden, every year the town celebrates "Halamanan Festival." It is held together with the feast of their patron, San Idefonso. 

Cute flowering plants for your garden
During my visit, I've seen gardeners busy trimming topiary and re-planting seedlings. They're even removing those plants with diseases like fungal inspection. 
How about topiary to decorate your garden?

By the way, we have a family friend in this area.They can help you with your gardening needs. Their garden is fronting the Shell Station. You can email me for their contact info. If ever you'll visit the place, I recommend that you roam around. You'd definitely enjoy the whole area.


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