Sunday, May 26, 2013

Riding my bike again and again

Hi everyone! How is your Sunday morning? Ours just the usual Sunday morning, where we do laundry and stay at home. What’s also good with this rest day is my longer spending time in leisure biking.

The bike is a birthday gift from hubby. On the day before my birthday, hubby hinted of a surprise waiting in our house. As I was nearing I can’t help but guessed on it… is it a phone? Cake? Bike? And when I opened our door, I found this cute folding bike waiting for me to ride. I have been contemplating of buying one last December, but did not push through then. Patience is really a virtue. Thanks to hubby for this wonderful gift. He knows I would love to have one. Lol

Almost every night, I would spend around 30 minutes riding my bike. In the morning, I joined some of my neighbors who are into jogging while I am biking. Last Sunday, I went to the market riding this. I feel the de-stressing benefit it gives on me aside from the burned calories I can get from it. Since I started doing this, I would like to lose extra pounds and learn new tricks like no hand steer or ramp jump. I just wish I could learn one trick at a time.

It's also good that most of the pips here are into bike riding. That was what I observed on my first step in this place. Such a nice move for a healthy environment and living!  

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