Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surprises at home

The last time we visited my parents in December, Jamby gave birth to four puppies. Unfortunately, all died. Just this Holy Week, hubby and I was in awe when we saw more pets in the house: a cat and her kitten, aspins, boxer, labrador, and a pair of dove.

The two aspins are our original pet while the rests are owned by my sister and her hubby. Jamby and Piolo were named after Jamby Madrigal and Piolo Pascual. Just a trivia, we named all our cats Muning, so the kitten is.

Another surprised was when we saw pineapple and santol bearing its fruit.  They planted some papaya, okra, and sunflower. Most of them have grown around two feet. It gave me an inspiration to try vegetable planting.

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