Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A taste of Figaro from Globe Rewards

When Globe started its reward points, I only earned around 160 points while hubby has 300+ last year. I was no longer interested to redeem it until I received a message from Globe that I can use them in any Figaro branch. The conversion is 1 point = P1. Gosh, I was so excited that I even requested my brother’s points to share it with me, hahaha. In total, I got 500+ to use. On that same day, hubby and I went to Figaro Malolos branch.

Globe partnered with Figaro
I was informed that I can order any dish/drinks from their menu, and the excess amount can be paid through cash. We’ve got an all-day breakfast beef tapa with free brewed coffee, classic flavored pizza and pesto pasta for a total of P518. To pay them, I just texted REDEEM space 10 digit Globe number and the amount.  

All-day breakfast beef tapa 

We only enjoyed the beef tapa as the taste is simply the Filipino style. In fairness, the pasta is good for two. 

brewed coffee, the right partner of tapsilog
 The pizza was just 7.5”, has few toppings and a sour taste. IMO, this is so pricey compared to known brands of pizza.

classic pizza
  I want to indulge more with the pesto because of its basil aroma except that the taste did not turn out what I expected.
Pesto with toasted bread

Overall, my experience with Figaro was just fine. I would like to try other dishes especially the pasta. 

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