Saturday, March 2, 2013

A day full of freebies

Yay! I was on-leave yesterday because hubby's sick. Just today, I received my free samples of deodorant powder from Milcu. If you remember, I posted about my review on their Milcu Herbal Gugo Shampoo here. I visited their website to check the nearest distributor of their products. While browsing, my attention was caught  by the "free trial offer" posted on it. Without a second thought, I filled up the form and after two weeks... I got my freebies. clap*clap*clap

Check their stamp, so cute right?

Three pieces of trial packs and a congratulatory message from Milcu 
I've tried this powder before. It was effective with my sweaty feet (yay). I just want to know if they are really giving away samples. Now, I know it is true. Thanks Milcu.
Oops, not only this sample I did receive today. I happened to pass by at WalterMart North Edsa. Unique toothpaste booth was giving away free samples. I lined up, registered and I've got 3 variant sachets of Unique.

Unique toothpast free trial kit
The three variants: double-mint, meteor mint and starburst blue
Although I've tried all of these products, it is still nice to have freebies once in a while.

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