Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Milcu Herbal Gugo Shampoo

For the longest time, I am looking for a shampoo that would fit my oily-dry hair. Some have good effects that  I would have a repeat buy on the item. I thought my problem has been resolved, yet another one comes. And that's hair fall. I guess, it is the side effect of the antibiotic I took for my UTI medication. I had the same experience with the antibiotic before. 

Milcu Gugo Shampoo

Lurking for the possible solution to the problem, I chanced upon Milcu Herbal Gugo Shampoo in the store where I bought Camay. I know the Milcu brand since I am using its deodorant foot powder, but I did not know they are also producing a gugo shampoo.
Since this product is made of gugo, I want to try its efficacy on my hair. I used the shampoo the next couple of days. A small amount can produce a very foamy mixture in my hair.  If I remember it right during my Natural Products subject, the foamy effect is caused by the phytochemical agent called saponins. 
The shampoo has a natural gugo scent. That's a plus point as it has no added fragrance oil that could turn my hair limp.  After washing my hair, there's no big difference when it comes to smoothness compared to my previous shampoo.
At my first week used, there was no improvements with my hair fall. By the way, my hair falls whenever I am combing, shampooing and even just touching it. I had also a thin hair, that you can almost see my scalp. I know that the shampoo is not the right medication for this, but I want something that would improve my hair. Of course, such short time does not frustrate me in using the shampoo. Besides, sayang if I am not going to used it again. Another week trial and I could see minimal hair loss through combing or shampooing.  Another thing I noticed is my hair having more than 24 hours before getting oily. These are definitely big improvements. Actually, I did not expect the product could be that good simply because I've tried various products. Some, I have not been able to post.
My verdict? I will definitely buy this product and probably replace my regular shampoo. I will inform you if there are other improvements on my hair by using this product until it empty.

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