Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Poor Internet Connection

As a blogger and researcher, it is a must that my internet connection never fails me. Almost all my works depend in surfing the net like communicating with the suppliers (Skype, IM, emails) or product researching. Our company subscribes to Plan 4000 of PLDT MyDSL and so far, is fast and reliable. In our house,  I am just using a broadband that depends on the signal of my network provider. We are lucky if it gets 3G signal while surfing. Most of the time, we have to refresh or close some sites to avoid disconnection. That's also the reason why sometimes I asked my fellow BC Bloggers if they received my comments.  

My Globe Tattoo broadband statistics
So, I am thinking of subscribing to PLDT MyBro 999 while their promo is still running. I just do not know if their service is the same as that of our company. How about you? What can you say about your internet provider? 

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