Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY: Friendship Bracelet

Having nothing to do in the weekend except washing clothes and cleaning our house, I decided to try to make friendship bracelets. Reading some information on the web, I found out that I can use embroidery floss. I do not know what it is, so I inquired to Mr. Robert Ku of Coats Craft and here is his reply:
Hi Anne!
Embroidery floss is a type of embroidery thread and usually for hand embroidery only.
You can use the following products in making friendship bracelets:
1. Anchor floss - the one you use for cross stitiching.
2. Cannon Cotton crochet
3. Red Heart acrylic yarns
Among the three items..we suggest you use Anchor.

Robert Ku
Consumer Sales Manager
Coats Manila Bay, Inc.

Since Anchor floss is hard to find, I bought its alternative DMC embroidery floss, which cost around P16 per skein. The basics I learned were about naming and tying various knots. The web has various site tutorials about making friendship bracelets so it was not hard for me to gather information.

embroidery thread
For my first project, I made an alternating color pattern of blue and yellow in a forward knot. There are some problems I encountered like twisting  off and rearranging of the thread. 

separating each thread to make an alternate colors

The finished product is a bit busted on patterns, but definitely improving with the knots. My second project is called Chinese braided friendship bracelet. It is easier to do than the first one. 

My finished products (needs to improve)

When I was done, I immediately wore both. Tomorrow, I will buy a new color to produce another set of designs. I will keep you posted for more updates and bracelets I made. 

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