Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Discoveries in the Market

Since the time we moved-out from my in-laws, I am the one who buys our food for dinner and pack lunch.  I must admit, I have limited knowledge on cooking dishes. My first week touring the market was really hard. I can't decide on what main dishes to cook even though the market offers a lot. Despite this, going to market is an adventure to me. I discover something new. Some of the things that I recently learned are:

1. If you avail of coconut grating, some stalls offer mechanical extraction of milk. It is free of charge. They will separate the first and second extracts of the coconut milk.
Mechanical coconut milk extractor
2. Munoz and Frisco markets, which are the nearest from my workplace, do not offer burong kanin or fermented rice with fish. Actually, they are not familiar with this. I was craving to dip the boiled eggplants to this pa naman.

Burong kanin

3. Not every vegetable seller has miso paste. It is only available to stores with refrigeration to avoid spoilage.
Miso paste added to sinigang

4. Most of the tilapias and milk fish that are sold in these markets are supplied from Batangas. I just noticed that these tilapias have darker colors than the one sold in Calumpit.

5. Fish vendors would be happy to help you on what recipe to do on an unfamiliar fish. They just did when I bought a talakitok. They say it is best served if it is cooked in sinigang or paksiw.

6. My No.05 is so true to vegetable vendors as well. I asked for the vegetable ingredients of sinigang, chopsuey or pakbet and they enumerate all. 

7. Being in the market will definitely improve your haggling skills. 

How about you? What is your recent discovery in your marketplace?

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