Thursday, January 24, 2013

Start the Year Right with SULIT.COM.PH

The first month of this year brought me and my hubby a big CHANGE in our lives and that is being independent with my in laws. Just recently, I posted about our moving out and the basic stuff we bought to our rented house. Since we have not yet completed buying our stuff, I list down some of our must-buy products. I have some ideas running on my mind, but for sure, I need your inputs especially if you are familiar with the products. 

Hubby's been bragging about buying a sofa set ever since we are still living with my in-laws. As always, I disagree with his plan because their area is a low land, so expect a flood during the rainy season. This time, I am on his side. I know that it is necessary as we are starting to build our own house. If time comes, I'd definitely want the set below in the shade of green. The color will compliment our living area. Besides, having this color can make us feel warm and vibrant.

Sala Set -
Another priority would be this beautiful dining set. We're just waiting for the right time (sale, where are you?) and the budget. For the meantime, we have to bear sitting on the floor while pigging out. 

Dining Set -              
We bought a set of curtains during the tiangge, but this one actually catches my attention. I have not seen this particular style even when we went to Divisoria. I just hope it blends our living room when I buy one. 

Curtains -
If I choose what's the most priority to buy, I'll pick a bed frame.I would not mind sleeping on a mat but having a tiresome day in my work plus a 30-minute standing position on the bus equals a need for a comfortable bed such as this. Sleeping is a precious activity to a working person like me.

Bed Frame -
Aside from sleep, I need to be cautious with what I eat. Just today, I found out that I have high cholesterol. Although I am not bothered, I want to have a healthy living. My doctor recommends eating fruits and vegetables. Though that would be simple, I wish for an osterizer so I can mix up different fruits to make a shake version.

Osterizer Blender -
Enough of furnitures, as I said and wished, I want to have a simple garden or an indoor plant to start with. My only option at this time is an herb plant. I could beautify my home and eventually learn something new to this new year.

Vegetable herbs -
Aside from planting an herb, I want to have a physical activity that could also enhance my creativity. That's why, I become interested to poi spinning or zipping to others. Love to start next month!

Poi spin -
Of course, this activity should come up with some precautions like wearing comfortable shoes. Hubby and I is eyeing for this store. A pair of shoes that we can wear on various activities and in good fitting on our feet. 

Running Shoes -

In addition to running shoes, I want to have a personalized singlet. I think it will be fun if  I actually see my design printed in the shirt. That must be a unique style.

Singlet -

This year would not end without checking an airfare or a getaway vacation. Since Boracay is going to be our summer's destination, I am thinking of having a rainy visit to Palawan. With as little budget as that, I could save up some and make it possible this coming third quarter of the year. Crossing my finger!

Palawan Getaway -
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