Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rebuilding reputation over delinquency

Yehey! I got my new credit card last Monday. It doesn't seem to make sense to you as everyone has a card nowadays. In my case, that's pretty a BIG TIME surprise! Just when I thought I was denied because of my past record, I was wrong.
Way back in 2008, I had a credit card in Citibank and HSBC. Honestly, I became a delinquent card holder because of my supplementary. I trusted my friend so much that she can pay those she bought using the card. Still in the end, I was the one who falls on her bait. All I could do was closed my account and paid the necessary fees and learned the lesson in the hardest way. 
Reading various forums, I became more aware of the consequences of being a delinquent holder. They say that there will be a high probability that you will be declined with any bank loan or credit card application. However, there may be a chance to rebuild one's reputation. How? One of their recommendations is to have a secured credit card for a year and be a good payer. Another way I tried is subscribing to Globe postpaid account. Six months to go and my contract expires, that's because I make it a point to pay my bills on-time.  Another thing I did was to be my sister's supplementary. In this way, I could teach myself and learn to be more responsible on handling my card. And, that's the only requirement I provided when they called for a credit investigation. Meaning, they've checked my standing and "maybe" saw that there's an improvement on the way I spent my card.
Since I have been given another chance, I will definitely spend wisely. 

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