Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moving out and Independence Day

Last Sunday was our moving out day. It was our first day to be independent with my in-laws. We were living in the same house for two and a half years. You can just imagine how difficult for me to leave. Right now, I am feeling a bit sad at the thought that we are far from them and at the same time happy, because we are now starting as what couples should be.

As we started, we ended up renting a small apartment in Sta. Rita, Bulacan. Since we don't have basic stuff like plates, spoon and pork, etc., we went to market. Haggling made my day as we have some P10-20 discounts on every item we bought. Also, glad to know that tiangge day here falls on Sundays.

The most enjoyable part was organizing the whole house. Actually, it was good to see that we started to move out from his parent's house. We can now buy our own things. Before, I was hesitant because the area is a flood prone. And, since my hubby guaranteed that this area is different, we can now start to buy our own little by little.

I wish, there will be no problem with my neighbors or anything 'coz now I am imagining things I want to do in this house like learning how to cook, starting to put my indoor plants and having a well-organized home. And, how I wish I could instantly pay for our lot and have our own little house. 

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