Friday, January 4, 2013

Exchange Gifts equals Christmas Party

Christmas party could be synonymous with exchange gifts. I never had attended a party without it, maybe it was a necessity during Christmas Season, lol. Anyway, my group decided to have an exchange gift worth Php200 only. Instead of the usual “bahala na” attitude towards buying a gift for our monito/monita, we made a list of our wishes. I think mine had the longest one that includes a book on herbs and spices, potted plants, organizer bag, mug coaster, and a card wallet. Ate Glo wanted to have a kitchen ware or bath towel while Jonah wished for a book by Paulo Coelho or Nicholas Sparks. Mina, the preggy, loved to receive a sleepwear or kitchen ware and Gerlyn decided to have a simple Mickey Mouse clock. Last, Jerome wanted a box of brownies or an imitation of Versace perfume.

Our simple exchange gift in the office

Puzzled and excited as we were, the exchange gift began. Mina received a box of  cups and saucer, while I had an organizer bag. I gave Ate Glo a bath towel and lunch boxes in various sizes. A clock for his son was the one Gerlyn received. Jonah gave Jerome the Aficionado perfume similar to that of Versace scent while Jerome gave Jonah a book authored by Paulo Coelho. Indeed, that simple gathering made us happy and bond during office hours. Oops, we did it just when our bosses were present at their offices. 

Wishes granted. See what we got.

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