Friday, January 4, 2013

Basic Preparation for a Summer Getaway

My sister, her husband, a cousin and I finally decided to go to Boracay this summer. That is exactly one of my dreams, traveling prior to my birthday. Actually, I want it on my birthday but my parents would insist the other way around. Oldies still believe on “pamahiin”. Anyhow, I will be sharing some of the things I am preparing for this trip.
  • Organizer bag – Remember the organizer bag I received from the exchange gift? I am already using it for my laptop accessories. The pockets vary in sizes, so I can put small stuff during the travel like beauty and bath products or even some undies.
Organizer bag stuff with my gadget accessories
  • Traveling bag – I bought a Hawk laptop backpack since it never a hustle for me to carry one. It has a lot of pockets, big and sturdy. The only downside I could see is the weight. Nevertheless, the material used is thick and has a high-quality workmanship.
Hawk laptop/traveling bag
  • Hotel accommodation – Summer is definitely a high season in Boracay. Before every hotel or inn become fully booked, we have our reservation as early as December. I think earlier booking will be better as you will have more choices and cheaper rates of hotels.
Booked at Veli's Inn
  • Ticket – Just like hotel accommodation, we booked as early as possible. We availed promos from AirAsia for our departure from Kalibo to Clark. We will avail the 2go ferry from Batangas to Caticlan Jetty Port on our arrival at Boracay. As of now, there is no schedule for April in their website, but they are updating it every two months. 
2go Ferry
  • Allowance – Since it will be this summer, we could save some every payday. We are targeting a budgeted getaway but still enjoy perks like fun activities in the sun.

I am so excited in the coming months. I will keep you posted on this vacation. For the meantime, I am gathering more information and reading similar stuff for this once-a-lifetime experience.


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