Monday, December 24, 2012

Review: 60-minute Whole Body Massage at Nailandia

Emy and I was usually the tandem when it comes to checking out promos in group buying sites.  Our two board mates who always hear our escapades wanted to join us in our next avail of promo. So I did check every day until last July 19, I bought four vouchers of a whole-body massage with ventosa and pedicure deal of Nailandia from Metrodeal. When I phoned them, the dates we want were already occupied so we have no choice but to schedule it according to their available date, which was landed last on November 07.

Our Metrodeal's promo we availed

We were excited to try the body massage not only to pamper ourselves but for our wellness as well. When our pampering date came, we were excited to try their service. Rina, on the other hand, can’t join us and she was replaced by RJ. 
Our Nailandia trip
Our impression with their area was relaxing. The colors compliment every design and corner of the room. It has this homey feeling, clean and well-kept spa. The staff, by the way, was courteous. After verifying our appointment and signing their waiver, they let us wait for 5 minutes to prepare our rooms. We did not waste any time and took pictures as our remembrance of the place.
Only three persons can be accommodated so RJ was left in the reception area. He had a pedicure while waiting for his turn. They have three rooms, where one room is actually a couple’s room. We were instructed to remove our clothes and change with their short and towel. After we informed them that we were ready, the massage began.
They put a white cold stone on our eyes, and then worked it out on our feet first going up to our heads. I can still remember how painful it was when the masseur pressed her hand on my soles, back, hands and temple. I was relieved though, hahaha. After the massage, we have our ventosa. They put some massage oil in our back, placed a tea light candle and cupped it with a glass. I felt the air on my skin was sucked up. My masseur had the cup circulated on my back while adding some massage oil. This went for 10 to 15 minutes. When it’s over, they asked us if we want a tea, which we gladly accepted.

Picture taking while waiting for our pedicure
It was time to beautify our nails with pedicure while RJ began his massage session. Seeping a hot tea, we indulge ourselves with the colors of nail polish. I chose pink, Emy’s metallic brown, JM’s slightly brown and RJ’s natural color. It took only few minutes when they finished our pedicure. 

 My verdict? It was worth the wait even for almost 4 months. They gave us a great time to relax. The only thing I don’t like about it was the quality of the nail polish. It was removed after a day. Still, this will not stop me from buying another deal from them.

198 Tomas Morato, 1103 Quezon City
Tel. No. (02) 379 6248

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