Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy 60th Anniversary, SFMC

It has been a while since my last post and that means… I am missing part of blogosphere. Hahaha. I was in a three -week training, and that made me busy. I was glad that somehow, there are people who still read my blog while I am out there in the real world. Thanks to all of you.
To make up for some late posts, I will start it with our company, San Francisco Mirror Corporation, 60th anniversary. That was last November 05. Geez, super late! A day before this celebration, we have some picture takings together with my colleagues and executives. Unfortunately, I do not have the copy of those photos.
Our HR peeps have started decorating the whole office with red and yellow balloons. The colors were just perfect for this occasion, livelier and brighter. In our part, we have to dress up in 1960s fashion, which I must admit was hard to get.

my colleagues while preparing for the anniversary party
November 05, 2012. When the clock strikes 5 O’clock, we’re moving here and there, changing clothes, putting some make-ups and preparing to go for our big night. At last, the program started. We’ve seen close relatives of our bosses and the founder of the company taking part with us. A special VTR was presented, reliving the milestones of how this small company had achieved and grew to now a group of companies. I was touched and inspired by its story.

Meanwhile, our dinner was set up in each table. Actually, I can’t name the dishes, but I know the taste. Hahaha. Silverbox band serenaded us with famous songs from 1960s to 1980s while eating. Ah, music set our mood… The next set of performers came from a group of magicians, whose tricks and magic tickled our mind.  

Our dinner at the party

Before the party ends, the much awaited raffle draw came into the picture. I was excited to have that Android Tablet, but to my surprise, it was my colleague whose next beside me won the prize. 

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