Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY: Broken glass for your home accent

If you happen to have a broken tempered glass, do not throw it away. It can be used to accessorize some of your home furnishings. By the way, tempered glass is made from ordinary glass but strengthened through heating. When broken, it diced up. One example I used it was in the candle holder.

Candle holder filled with broken glass

How I made it? I bought a sherbet glass, not to use in sherbet but as a candle holder. You can buy simpler glass, but I suggest the transparent one is much better. Now, the candle scent I chose was in the mint family, which was peppermint. At one TV show, it mentioned of peppermint scent as a good rat repellant, and that became my alternative to pesticide. It has been a long time since our apartment has been infested with rats and cockroaches, time to get rid of them before they start spreading diseases.

Finished candle holder

I filled up the glass with shards and put the candle in the center while flattening it. The final touch was arranging the shards and filling some gaps with the smaller one. Voila! I have an instant rat repellant. To test its effectiveness and I lit up one. That night, no rat visited us while two flying roaches got a stomp from our feet. hahaha
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