Monday, November 5, 2012

5 things to do in Quaipo

Yesterday, JM and I went to Quiapo to explore this part of Manila. I've been there twice not for shopping but visiting my schoolmates when they took board examination. This time, I had a chance to explore the place in search for a dress for our company's anniversary. I discovered more about the place and here are my top 5 things to do when you get there.

QUIAPO CHURCH (Photo credit: canencia)
We attended the Mass. During that moment, I was feasting (or should I say examining) on the structure of the church. The church was not that big, no wonder, there was a huge crowd, lined up outside it.  I was also surprised to know they installed two LCD projectors, maybe to have a closer look at the person who ministers the mass. Outside the church, we saw various vendors selling herbal medicines, adoration, figurines,  prayer booklets and many more. 

2. Buy Accessories

Walking around the area, we found some stores of beads. Wellmanson has a variety of bead supplies, and a wholesale/retail store of accessories. Wholesale means buying 6 pieces of each accessory. How I wish, I discovered it before, hahaha. Anyway, it is never too late. 

3. Check Raon for appliances

Actually, we just passed by at this area since our first stop was to attend the mass. Seeing the place made me want to come back and have a longer time checking on every store.

4. Digging Ukay-ukay

Yes, i did that. I have to look for 1960s fashion because it was the theme of our department in celebration of our company's 60 years anniversary.  I think we have searched the whole ukay-ukay store here but did not find any that will fit the theme.  

SM Quiapo in Manila, Philippines
SM Quiapo in Manila, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are into clearance sale or cheaper SM clothing supplies, I recommend this place. After our ukay-ukay, we checked this store and was surprised to find out a great deal of clothes. They have a sale until yesterday, and glad that I found the clothe I've been looking for in a price of P200. Not bad. I will surely come back here this December as most of my credit cards offer a minimum P5000  purchase with six-month installment.

Next time, I want to taste hopia and other Chinese style restaurant here. Any other suggestions when visiting Quiapo?

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