Saturday, October 6, 2012

Try and try again

I received a notification from oDesk to change my Paypal email address since I was one of the few who used alias. Out of the blue, I browsed again on my profile just to find out that my previous client gave me a good feedback and perfect score of 5. Yehey! So happy to receive such compliment, I messaged him to give me permission to make a feedback too, which he did the next day. Before I could leave a word, I accidentally clicked a link that make changes on his feedback. In short, my profile change to 'no feedback" status. What a clever move! I finished my feedback on him and voila, I found my client's feedback again. hahaha.

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I was already browsing the site, I checked on possible jobs I could apply. I made 10 applications until I found a project that is well-inclined with my fulltime job. The moment I applied, I had this instinct that this was meant for me. After my last project, I was inactive on applying for jobs. As you all know, competition is so tight for virtual assistant, online marketer or data entry positions and this made all my applications declined. Hahaha. Now, I targeted a job that will suit my attained degree and experiences, which gives me a higher probability getting hired.
The next day, I received a reply asking me that I had no feedback about my previous work. I explained to him what had happened and just to make sure, I linked my LinkedIn profile for him to background check. The rest is history.. I accepted his proposal and had a new online job. I am excited to work again online. 

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