Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: White Rain Ocean Mist Shampoo

After my experience to Lucky Volumizing Shampoo, I've tried another product to check its effect on my hair. By the way, I consulted a dermatologist about having an oily hair after several hours of shampooing. She told me that it might mean incompatibilities with my scalp. Hearing this thing, I need to look for a shampoo that would give me a not-so-totally-oily hair. 

This will be a post-review of White Rain Ocean Mist since I had it empty a couple of weeks ago.  I bought it for P88 at Japan Homes. The shampoo has a mild scent, not-so-foamy lather, packed in 18 oz bottle. Here's what my opinion about this product:

Cheap price
Hair was not that oily after 24 hours
My hair was still soft with minimal tangles.

Since it has a mild scent, it does not stay long.
Dry on the hair tips, so I need conditioner for that.

The difference of this product to locally branded shampoos in the market is the foaming effect. It has the same lather with Lucky Volumizing Shampoo. I also think that the foaming agent use is what makes my hair kind of oily.  Overall, I find this product good for my hair.  I will definitely try using it again. After all, I achieved the results I wanted. I will just use conditioner on the tips of my hair, as what my dermatologist recommended.

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