Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lucky birthday

Happy Tuesday. I should have posted it yesterday, but then I was busy doing some of my workloads, I can't find time finishing this post. 
Anyway, last Sunday, we've won P4000+ in Jueteng, where the winning number combinations were our birth dates, 5 and 30. A perfect timing since  we were celebrating hubby's birthday, plus the fact that we're in a tight budget for two months now. Hahaha. It helped us in a good way.
Tokwa't baboy by Panlasang Pinoy
Inihaw na tilapia by timawa.net
We were not actually prepared in his celebration. His friends would visit us, so we took our winnings buying ingredients for the food we were preparing. Menus we did were simple and easy to cook, like tokwa't baboy, adobong manok, pancit, grilled fish. I prepared some pica-pica foods like French Fries and popcorn chicken. Yes, I did what I promised, a popcorn chicken. Of course, there was a twist since I only got 1 pack of garlic powder. I added a pack of five spices I bought from Save More. I think they enjoyed it naman since when I checked on the plate, it was empty na. haha.  We have no chance of taking pictures of this food stuff as we were busy preparing and entertaining our visitors. 
Birthday celebrations in our house would not be complete without alcoholic drinks. We bought some Tanduay Ice for the ladies, Emperador and San Miguel Light. Hmm, is it a sign of OktoberFest celebration? I am an occasional drinker. For this, I just had two bottles of Tanduay Ice while boys eyed hard drinks. As always, there was a videoke to perk up their drinking session. The whole celebration ended almost midnight. 

P.S. During our shopping, hubby's asking what's my gift. I said, I do not have any. But I guess, he realized that the time and effort I've done on his birthday were enough to call this as a gift, though not material thing. hahaha.

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