Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let me dance to Zumba

I enjoyed last night's Zumba session with JM. She has a DVD of it that we played for almost 30 minutes. The  movements were a mixture of aerobics and belly dancing. When watching, I find the steps so simple to do but when I started  moving my body, it gave me pain. Should I blame it on my fat accumulation in my belly? hahaha.  I only had 15 minutes or less on my first  session because I scheduled to wash my clothes last night. Though it was a short time, I sweat a lot and had some fun. 

Photo credit: Veroniquepierre
Anyway before we started isolating our belly with Zumba, we ate a healthy vegetable salad I prepared.  Am I on a diet? I do not know. All I could wish is to lose at least 5 kgs from my present weight. I just realized that being in the office and sitting for almost 8 hours  made my weight  ballooned for the past months. So I am giving myself another try to become healthy again. I just wish that I could maintain a good vibes and focus on my new agenda. 

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