Monday, October 29, 2012

Crazy Monday Morning

What a day! This was all I utter this morning. So what happened? Well, I woke up as early as possible to avoid traffic jam this Monday. At around 6 am, I was already at the bus stop. 

First bus to come in was Baliaug with a signboard LRT-Divisoria, then Victory Liner-Monumento. Before I hop in, I asked a man if First North Luzon (FNLT) bus had passed by, and he answered "I do not know." I did not have a second thought, and I rode Baliaug bus, thinking it would be the better choice since I can ride off at De Jesus or Bagong Barrio. Victory Liner, on the other hand, will either take you off at Camachile or Monumento. Well, these are my options since I do not know if FNLT arrived already, which has a route of Cubao.

The bus waited for another wave of passengers. The man I asked about FNLT suddenly poked me and said, "Ma'am, ayun po sa likod ang FNLT." I asked the driver if I can transfer to another bus even if I have a ticket and a woman replied and said, "Naku, hindi na pwede yan." Okay, I did not transfer to FNLT. 

My whole trip went smooth until I changed my mind to drop off at De Jesus rather than Bagong Barrio. When we reached Bagong Barrio, I did not drop off. Then,  I realized it was not the way going to De Jesus or Monumento. On the second drop off, I finally leave the bus. 

Where am I? Gosh! Am I lost? I found out from signages that I was at A. Bonifacio. Really, I am not familiar with the place. The good thing, I always bring the attitude of 'Magtanong." I asked a man how to go to Muñoz. He said I need to ride the jeep with the signboard Nova-Balintawak Ilalim and drop off at Balintawak. I did that. From there, I know na how to go to Muñoz. hahaha. 

The only problem was the time. I find every minute of that moment so precious. I was having an adrenaline rush, yet I felt  time was running faster than what I have. I was also not wearing my uniform, so I need to pass by at our boarding house. In short, I need all of this done in 30 minutes, where traffic is prone in this area. Now, I appreciated kaskaserong drivers. If it was not for them,I would not make it 15 minutes before 8:00 am to boarding house. Anyway, I made to punch in at our office 8:01 am, when I thought, I would be late. 

Lesson learned? 
Do you have same experience as mine? I would love to read it.

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