Saturday, October 13, 2012

Airfare promo, where are you?

I've been busy that I almost forgot to blog. My past days were concentrated on eyeing an airfare promo for Hong Kong. It was my sister idea to have a 3D&2N trip outside our country. I am just glad that all our family members agreed, especially now that my mother is going to retire. 
Anyway, I do the research about the tourist spots, transportations, hotels and pocket money. So I am busy lurking on forums and blogs, where I found this helpful link about Hong Kong. We are planning for a DIY tour rather than the travel agency tour. With regards to air fare, Air Asia, Tiger Airways and AirPhil have promos, unfortunately, the dates we wanted are unavailable. Hmmm, maybe I should  try to wait for the next round of promo this quarter.

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