Monday, September 10, 2012

Tapa Express Experience

Tapa Express Box Meal
This post is already late. We eyed to taste the menus of this newly opened store Tapa Express in Frisco, Quezon City. Luckily, we got a chance last pay day. Their menus are a combination of meat + rice + sunny-side up egg. The busog meal, which I think is a larger version of the menu costs P59 only while the smaller version, sulit meal, is P49. Drinks available on the outlet are Choco-mocha and Red Iced Tea.  The establishment is still under renovation, so there was no AC unit, yet there is an electric fan.
Tapa Busog Meal and Tocino Busog Meal

Swwt and Spicy Busog Meal and Sisig Busog Meal

Red Iced Tea and Choco Mocha Drinks

We ordered Sweet & Spicy Tapa Busog Meal, Sisig Busog Meal, Tapa Busog Meal, Red Iced Tea and Choco Mocha.  Their packaging is eco-friendly. It is in a laminated paper box. When our orders served, we were disappointed as they mistakenly served tocino to our order of tapa. Anyway, we immediately informed the crew about it, but, instead of changing the meal, she does nothing. She even does not apologize to us. So my friend has to eat the egg and rice only since she does not eat tocino. I politely asked again the crew  if she can even change the tocino since JM already consumed the rice and egg. To our surprise, the crew gave us the one box meal in exchange of the tocino. 
The food I would say was not superb, a typical taste of fast food. The good points are the big serving of rice and affordability.
I think, we will still visit this place even though we experience poor service from them. 

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