Saturday, September 8, 2012

Systemic Viral Illness

I wanted to write some more blog posts, but since I got sick last week up to this Tuesday, I took this as a break. I was diagnosed with systemic viral illness when I had my check up in Capitol Med. I had high fever, chills and body ache
Me while taking some nap at Capitol Med ER section
My friends who took care of me while waiting for my test results
The fever and ache subsided whenever I took Paracetamol and anti-inflammatory tablets. For three consecutive days, these were my medicines. On the fourth day, I asked my husband to accompany me for a follow-up check up at Sacred Heart in Malolos since my fever had not gone for days. I  took tests of urinalysis and CBC count again.  In the afternoon, I had the results. I found out I have UTI and within normal CBC count. If you remember, I just wrote a post that I had not contracted UTI for a long time now. It is my main reason why I have this jug of water in the office. I think I have UTI because I have high consumption of carbonated drinks for the past years, and so it resulted on that way. 
That night, my fever has gone, and so the body pain. My concern is the UTI again. After my last fever, I contracted skin rashes except on my face and feet. I thought it may be a Dengue rash but it turns out the rashes came from the infection as what my dermatologist told me. Thank God, it is not what I am thinking of. 
Today, I still have the skin rashes similar to German measles. It is itchy, but I put lotion and take anti-histamine to minimize the itchiness. Nowadays, bawal talagang magkasakit. It affects your health and economic growth even though I have a health card. The medicines are just so expensive. 

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