Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Penoy everyday, is it okay?

I've noticed that my usual meal for the past weeks contains egg, as in any kind of cooked egg presentation. If I choose which one is the best, I will go for penoy, and to be exact, penoy with sabaw. Whenever dinner comes, I will buy two penoy with rice instead of cooked meals in the carinderia. Although, I am conscious because it is not healthy (since I consumed two penoy), I can't help but crave for its taste. Sometimes, after consuming two eggs, I find it bitin. Hahaha. Anyway, I manage to control my cravings by drinking a pineapple juice or eating an orange.

Penoy egg (Photo credit: caveneracion)
Just like last night, I asked my husband to buy penoy in Tabang Exit since it is cheap there, P20/3 pieces. We wanted to buy six pieces. Unlucky us, only three penoy  were left and no other balut vendor was available that time. In replacement of penoy, we ended up buying two plastics of chicharon from our suki. I always love this pair, chicharon and penoy with vinegar or tomatoes as a dip. 

I confess, this is not only about eating penoy, but most importantly food tripping moments with my board mates. There are times that we would trip out in the middle of the night looking for a balut vendor. We will eat penoy or balut until our stomach is full. We even tried various vinegars, and would definitely recommend Pinakurat vinegar for a twist.  ;) And if you ask me if I join a contest about eating penoy, I'd definitely try but would not hope to win.
Sukang Pinakurat (Photo credit: Suka Pinakurat) 

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