Thursday, September 13, 2012

My first award: Versatile Blogger
It is a great surprise when two bloggers informed me that they awarded me this so-called Versatile Blogger Award. First, let me say thank you to these lovely ladies, Ms. Aileen of Ms. Aileen A and Ms. Phoebe of Party of Three for giving me this award. Check their blogs and discover why they are awarded too...
Versatile... This word struck me. Honestly, I am aiming for a niche blog but since I cannot focus on that and still can't figure what my topic will be, I ended up writing my opinions, events, reviews and anything that comes in my mind. And it turns out, I have the ability to be flexible, to be a versatile blogger. ;) 

Now, to thank the ones who gave me this award, I will share some 7 random thoughts about me. I guess,  this is the best thing that I can do for you guys. LOL. 
Okay, are you ready? Here it goes:
1. I love children literature. In fact, I finished the Narnia and Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I am now indulging myself on the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus Series.

2. I am a loyal Timex watch user. I had my first Timex watch when I was in college, but I lost it. Then last year, I bought a digital one, which is a big help whenever I facilitate product testing.

3. I want to start learning new skill that's why I bought a book from Better World Books about gift wrapping. I also love the idea of giving gifts this Holiday season. 

4. Up to now, I only have two IDs bearing my married name. The rest is still under my maiden name.  Although I updated all of my information, I had not yet received my latest ID from them.

5. I am right-handed while hubby's left-handed. 

6. I hate dark comfort rooms. Sometimes I imagine creepy creatures or snakes that may attack me under the dark. 

7. I am working on a glass processing company so if you have questions about architectural glass, I will be happy to help you.

Now it is my turn to pick 15 blogs for this award. *drum roll* In no particular order, this award goes to:
1. Micmic's Corner                               2. Where the Moon Shines
3. Hey Lady Spring                              4.  The Pepperrific Life
5. Valentine Kisses                             6. Gil Camporazo's Random Thoughts
7. Pink Magaline                                 8. Gastronomicca
9. Adventures on Planet Mom               10.Tottering Mama
11. The Purple Doll                             12.My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks
13. Promding Chamimay                      14.Schemaholic

Some I followed more than a year and some just recently. I love browsing through their blogs, especially their updates. So please do visit them, I am sure you'll love what they are up to.

By the way, I think there are some rules to follow after receiving this award, please check them below:
 Thank the person/s who gave you this award. Don't forget to add their blog links. 
 Post 7 things about yourself. 
 Pass this award on to 15 bloggers with links to their blogs. Don't forget to tell them. ;)

I am almost done. It is my time to tell them this award. 

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